NICIE Celebrates IIEW 2015 at Stormont

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Integrated Schools celebrate Integrated Education Week

NICIE celebrated International Integrated Education Week IIEW 2015 in the Long Gallery, Stormont.  International Integrated Education Week is an annual event which celebrates the ethos and the successes of all 62 integrated schools across Northern Ireland. It is also celebrated in integrated schools in other divided societies: Macedonia, Israel, Cyprus, Croatia.  During this week children and young people explored how being educated together opens horizons, dissolves barriers and builds bridges. Through learning together students in integrated schools play an active part in shaping a better society and building a better future. During the week, starting on the 2 March, integrated schools held their own events and celebrations interpreting the theme: “Horizons”.

NICIE launched IIEW 2015 on 27 February 2015 at Oakgrove Integrated Primary and Nursery School, who achieved the Excellence in Integrated Education Award (EIEA) last year in recognition of their work in educating children together. This year Portadown Nursery and Primary School received this prestigious award.