Integrated Colleges Celebrate GCSE Exam Success

24th August 2017

Integrated Colleges Celebrate Exam Success

Roisin Marshall, the chief executive of the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE), is delighted to congratulate the students in integrated colleges on their GCSE exam successes. Over the years the integrated schools results have been impressive and this year is proving no exception, with students celebrating great success. NICIE is delighted at the high level of student achievement and the performance of schools in these exams.

The Board of Directors and NICIE staff would like to add their congratulations to these young people and pay tribute to the dedicated work of staff in their colleges.

The results from integrated schools prove that quality education is enhanced in an inclusive, integrated environment where diversity is celebrated and high expectations are the norm.

Integrated schools are all ability and are well placed to advise and support the young people in their care on their next steps. Regardless of their achievements and their plans for the future the young people are at the centre of decisions and what is best for them to fulfil their ambitions.

Roisin Marshall expressed her delight at the achievements of students:

“The greatest thing a school can do for its young people is to instil a sense of pride and confidence in their own ability. Today many children in integrated schools feel that they have reached their potential, at his crucial stage, through the results in their exams or by successfully securing a job or placement. For those who are disappointed today, it is time to reflect on how they are going to reach their full potential using whatever talents they have. Education is a life long journey and open to all. Take all the help you can to find where to go next.’