Compassion in Action Conference Millennium Forum – Delai Lama

Mrs Anderson from New Bridge Integrated College was privileged to represent the school at the Children in Crossfire event in Derry, where she met the Dalai Lama. Mr Richard Moore, founder of the Charity ‘Children in Crossfire was our inspirational guest speaker at Senior Prize giving last year – he sent Mrs Anderson an invitation to attend the event because he was so impressed with work we do as an Integrated School in promoting peace and reconciliation. The theme of the Dalai Lama’s talk was Compassion in Action, with a strong focus on the role of Educators in ‘Educating the Heart’. Some of the discussions resonates with our own School development work on developing emotional resilience, developing our restorative practices and developing growth mind-set, so ‘teaching compassion’ is a thread that flows through what we do here in New-Bridge. The College will continue to develop its close links with Children in Crossfire over the coming year.