New-Bridge Students Jack, Harry and Niamh Looking Forward to Final of Junk Kouture on Thursday 19 April

Governors, staff and pupils are all rooting for New-Bridge students Jack Whyte, Harry Whyte and Niamh Boylan, finalists in Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture competition 2018. Set to be one of the biggest events in the 2018 fashion calendar, the team will travel to Dublin’s 3 Arena on Thursday alongside fellow students and staff supporters.

Jack’s creation pays tribute to the legendary myth of Mor ‘DU, an ancient Scottish-Gaelic myth of a prince who sought power over his brothers by becoming a beast to overpower them and claim their kingdoms.   The design will be modelled by Jack’s brother Harry and Niamh’s has the exciting role of make-up and presentation for the design. Jack explains the concept behind his work, “Just like Frankenstein’s monster, my creation has become a doppelgänger which has evolved into an imposing, chaotic, terrifying figure.  The mythical origins of the concept are fierce but are contrasted by the fact that the design houses a young boy”.  I think the idea that while we many boys and girls alike feel the need to retain an image of resolve and toughness on the outside, that to be a child inside amidst the big bad world is really what many of us are.

Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture is a national contest which encourages young designers in second level education to create striking couture designs and impressive works of wearable art from everyday junk that would normally find its way into the bin. Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture aims to inspire and ignite passion in these teenagers while at the same time subtly educating them about the importance of recycling and reusing waste. Over the last seven years, Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture has established itself as the premier recycled fashion competition for teenagers throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Wishing Jack, Harry and Niamh all the best for Thursday night!