Finance and General Purposes and Staffing Committee

This NICIE committee is chaired by the Treasurer to the Board of Directors, Dermot MacCann. Other members include Ian McMorris and Martin Stroud.

This committee meets monthly prior to the meeting of the Board of Directors. It met 10 times during the year 2012/13. Its function is to focus in greater detail on the finance and personnel issues which are presented to the Board on a monthly basis throughout the year. This committee also deals with all issues relating to staff and premises. A major task for the committee was to ensure that rigorous financial procedures are in place to ensure proper financial management of grants funding during the current year.

To ensure compliance with NDPB status, a full time qualified accountant was appointed to oversee all finance functions. During the current year, the board was responsible for ensuring that all procedures re NICIE’s NDPB status designation were ratified in partnership with the Audit Committee.

The FGPSC was also responsible for the awarding of tenders for HR and Advertising, print and design during the current year.

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Directors Report and financial statements for year ended 31 March 2013

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