IEM 2017 Activities

Integrated Education Month 2017

Friday 03 March – Friday 31 March 2017

Theme:  Remembering The Big, Small Stories

Calling all integrated schools to participate in activities focusing on the theme of ‘Remembering’ during the month of March 2017.  


Art, music, drama and writing

Get creative by engaging in art, music, drama or writing activities which explore the concept of remembering and how that relates to the work and achievements of integrated education in our society.  Once complete, don’t forget to enter them for the IEF’s Carson Prize!

Speaking Out!

Give young people, who want to share their thoughts, an opportunity to express ideas on those changes which could be made to create ‘remembering’ in your school, community or wider society.  Provide a platform for them to express their ideas formally, through reading a speech at your IEM assembly, or more informally by creating a ‘speakers corner’ at a specific time in your classroom or school building.  We would love it if your school shared all your pupils interesting speeches and blogs.  Do this by contacting

Meet your local politicians

Integrated Education Month is a great time to invite local politicians in to your school, to discuss developments in education and give your pupils the opportunity to engage in discussion with their newly elected representatives.


Integrated Education Month presents the perfect opportunity to stage a fundraising event  for your school’s chosen charity or to raise funds for the IEF.

A Walk Of Celebration From Ardnavalley to Stormont – Friday 3 March 2017

March 2017 is Integrated Education Month and the theme will be ‘Remembering: the Big Small Stories’. This is about valuing and capturing all the stories, big and small, of those who have been and are involved in Integrated Education, past and present.

RunningThe Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education will be officially launching Integrated Education Month on Friday 3 March with ‘the long walk’ from Ardnavalley Scout Adventure Centre, to the front gates of Stormont Estate. This is a walk of approximately six miles.

Ardnavalley is the original site of Lagan College, Northern Ireland’s first integrated school, formed by a group of Protestant and Catholic parents with 28 pupils in a scout hall.

The first phase of the event will leave Ardnavalley at around 8:45am and will walk along the public footpaths at the side of the Knock Dual carriageway (A55) to the Upper Newtownards Road and the front gates of Stormont Estate by 11am.

StormontThe second phase of the event is the 1 mile walk up to Stormont Buildings at 11:15am, and there is a short end of event programme to ensure Integrated Education Month is launched with music and dance and a real air of celebration which will begin at 11:50am and end by 12:20pm.

If you would like to participate in either or both of these walks contact:
David Gardiner
Development Officer
25 College Gardens
Northern Ireland

Tel: (028) 9097 2818

Odd Socks Appeal

As part of Integrated Education Month the IEF would like to encourage friends and supporters to toe the line and participate in an ‘Odd Socks Day’ where you wear odd coloured socks and donate to the Integrated Education Fund.

Odd Socks days can be run by anyone, schools, companies individuals or groups.

Schools – arrange for students/pupils and teachers to come to school on a specific day wearing odd socks. Every participant pays one pound (or more if you like) which you send to the Integrated Education Fund.

Companies – arrange a day, or longer if you like, when for every one of your customers wearing odd socks you make a donation to IEF of one pound (or more if you like). This is a great way of raising awareness of your business, generating customers, and raising funds for integrated education.

Individuals or Groups – anything goes here, you can run an odd socks tea party, go odd socks bowling, have an odd socks walk etc. If you are a sports club, play in odd socks for a day.

The ideas above are just some of the things you can do on an Odd Socks Day. Whatever you do we would love to see some photos of your Odd Socks Day fun so please email them to or send them via Twitter (#IEFOddSocks) or Facebook.

Here are some Odd Socks Day posters which you can download and use to let your pupils/staff/customers know what you are doing for Odd Socks Day.
Odd Socks Day Poster A4
Odd Socks Day Poster A3

When you have completed your Odd Socks Day please download our return form HERE and send it to:
The Integrated Education Fund
Odd Socks Day
Forestview, Purdy’s Lane
Belfast, BT8 7AR

It’s a sole lot of fun and easy to get involved. We know you like to be well heeled and look your best every day but for one day during Integrated Education Month 2017 sock it to ‘em have some fun with your choice of hosiery.

Integrated Education Week Finale