The Big Small Stories “Remembering” IEM 2017

As the theme for IEM 2017 is “Remembering” we are asking schools to share with us the stories, images and other heritage material that they will be collecting during March, and to also provide copies of photos of activities undertaken to celebrate IEM. It is hoped that the activities could be infused with the Environment and Society, PDMU / Local and Global Citizenship, CRED, English, Art to name a few aspects of the curriculum. Send any details and photos of activities to

Please see below some activities and ideas to work with your pupils as part of Integrated Education Month. These were suggested by teachers and principals who attended the Big Small Stories workshops held last 6 and 7 of March at Drumragh IC, Parkhall IC, Blackwater IC and Cranmore IPS:

“Encourage their pupils to conduct Interviews with parents, teachers and school governors, displaying literacy, perhaps capturing these on video – thereby showcasing and developing their ICT skills as well”

 “Art classes could be used at both the primary and post primary levels to create such things as mosaics and paintings which illustrate the history and values of integrated education. Larger projects could be carried out so as to encourage broader class co-operation”

 “ICT could be used in the form of producing animations, films and presentations which explore the history of individual schools as well as the broader context of integrated education”

“Online and library research could be conducted by pupils at Key Stage 2 level into the history of their school, for example by finding old newspaper articles. Pupils could use their history classes to examine both primary and secondary sources to find out more about their school”

“Photos of school trips and dramatic performances over the years could be used to illustrate the development of the school over time. Likewise ‘then and now’ photographs could be used to illustrate this, perhaps resulting in the creation of a school scrapbook or timeline for public display. Other historical documents could be added to such scrapbooks/timelines, for example the minutes and records of old board of governors meetings or the blueprints of new school buildings”

“PDMU classes could be used to explore the concept of integrated education throughout Europe with regards to different nationalities and cultures”

“Discussions and debates about integrated education in the classroom as well as special assembly presentations could be used to highlight its development and progress”

“Geography classes could allow pupils to explore the development and importance of their school within the context of their local area as well as the context of integrated education across Northern Ireland as a whole”

 “Numeracy could be displayed through the use of pie charts and other graphs to illustrate changes over time, for example school population growth, changing demographics or increases to school size and funding”

  • IEM pro-forma The Big Small Stories