IEM 2018 School Activity & Social Media Guidance

The NICIE Teachers Committee invite every integrated school to participate in this year’s celebration of integration by recognising Integrated Education Month 2018 and the chosen theme of ‘Everybody Outstanding’. 

The Teachers Committee have developed guidance materials to support schools in helping everyone in the school community to participate in the Everybody Outstanding 5 Challenges.  The guidance materials identify each challenge and possible associated activity as well as providing a social media toolkit so that school engagement can be shared through twitter and facebook as well as the NICIE website.  Download a pdf of the Integrated Education Month 2018 Guidance Document below:
Guidance document A4 pages
Guidance document spreads

The recommended 5 challenges homework or class time exercise is available in both pdf and word formats.

The Teachers Committee have developed a questionnaire for parents which can be downloaded and added to your website or distributed in hard copy format.

The NICIE Teachers Committee are very interested in the responses you receive from pupils, parents and teachers and would be delighted if you could share your experiences with them by emailing or linking in via facebook or twitter.  They wish you lots of luck with your IEM March 2018 plans!