What is Integrated Education?

Integrated Education brings together, in one school, children, parents, teachers and governors from Catholic and Protestant traditions and those of other faiths or none.

Integrated Education is essentially Christian in character and the schools teach children within an environment where the beliefs, traditions and cultures of all are equally valued and celebrated.

Children and young people in integrated schools are educated in a setting where self-esteem and independence are developed as priorities.  Self-respect and respect for others also strongly encouraged.

Integrated Education encourages open-minded attitudes among pupils as well as building the confidence and ability to question, observe, listen and make informed decisions.

The value of parents is well recognised in Integrated schools and there is a high level of parental involvement in all aspects of school life for example on the Board of Governors.

At an integrated school you discover that even though we have different faiths, opinions and backgrounds, we can live in peace. We don’t have to change what we are but we need to learn to understand and respect the culture and traditions of others.’  Sixth form student at an Integrated College.