Global Partnership

To strengthen our links with the British Council, we’ve become the coordinating body for a range of international partnership projects.

We are currently co-ordinating a three-year project called Connecting Classrooms. Integrated Schools in L/Derry and Coleraine have been taking part and partnering with schools in Baghdad and Suli in Kurdistan. While this project is in its final year, another project, the Global Schools Partnership Programme, has another year to go. Twenty schools are taking part and partnering with schools in Sri Lanka.

These programmes are designed to build lasting partnerships between schools. The ultimate aim is to:

  • develop trust and understanding between young people in different societies;
  • create a safer and more connected world for the future; and
  • give young people the cultural understanding and skills they need to live and work as global citizens.

It’s hoped that long-term change is possible if teachers, school leaders and policy makers work together to embed an international dimension in education systems.

Find out more about Connecting Classrooms and the Global Schools Partnership Programme on the British Council’s website.