Our 25th AGM and Annual Seminar 2014

NICIE’s 25th AGM, on the 7th November 2014, charted the successes and challenges of the past year and the hopes and aspirations for the future development of integrated education. The event in Riddel Hall was well attended by the founders of integrated education, governors and principals from integrated schools, supporters of the integrated education movement and key individuals for other education focused organisations.

The momentum was maintained with a number of the themes touched upon during the AGM being given deeper consideration at NICIE’s public seminar, in the Canada Room at Queen’s University, the following morning. The seminar title ‘Beyond Segregation: re-imagining our education system’ was brought to life by the short presentations delivered by invited speakers. Paul Nolan, author of Northern Ireland’s Peace Monitoring reports, outlined the cost of segregation in terms of the low attainment levels achieved by disadvantaged groups within our society. This was followed by an informative presentation by the Public Interest Law Society solicitor, David Hawkins, who identified how a judicial review had brought clarity to and understanding of the duty placed on the Department of Education, by Article 64 of the Education Reform Order (1989), to encourage and facilitate the development of integrated education. Finally, a presentation by Paul Rowe, Chief Executive of Educate Together, offered insight into the strategic development and growth of Educate Together schools in the Republic of Ireland. NICIE is particularly grateful to all invited speakers whose thought-provoking presentations provided a catalyst for the meaningful conversations which ensured during the round table discussions.

Thank you to all who participated for helping to make NICIE’s AGM and Annual Seminar such a success.

TeachMeet Northcoast 2014

‘CPD by teachers for teachers’

Teachmeet is a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, network, and have fun! There will also be a number of exhibitors there from a range of Educational companies.

There will be an exciting prize draw and other bits and pieces to make the evening good fun. If you have anyone who has an idea to share they can join up through the wiki and register to share a 7 min or 2 min presentation. In the past there have been presentations to help promote the use of technology but they are interested in hearing ideas which help improve any aspect learning and teaching.

The best bit about it is it’s FREE. To participate in Teachmeet Northcoast attendees need to join the wiki (link below), register for tickets to attend and if to present. This is a completely independent event organised by teachers/educators who are enthusiastic about collaboration.


Date: Friday 21st November 2014

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Venue: University of Ulster, Coleraine – Octagon



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Call for participants; University of Ulster research project

The University of Ulster is conducting a research project into how teachers support and help young people to develop. From this, they hope to determine how teachers can improve upon this and what training they may need.

It’s an online questionnaire, which should take no longer than ten minutes to complete.

See the image for more details.


NICIE’s Submission into the Inquiry into Shared and Integrated Education

The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the inquiry into shared and integrated education.

At the outset we remind the committee of the unequivocal declaration given to integrated education in the Education Reform Order (NI) 1989 and the Good Friday Agreement 1998, both of which require that it is for the government to ‘encourage and facilitate the development of integrated education’. It is important also to note that the Good Friday Agreement was supported by over 75% of the population in its entirety and although many difficult and controversial elements involving change were contained within, and despite later attempts by dissident voices to ‘cherry-pick’ at the agreement, it remains intact today, a basis on which to build a more equal, more peaceful and more forward looking Northern Ireland.

Read our whole submission at the link below.

NICIE submission to Education Committee Inquiry Into Shared and Integrated Education

Schools’ Submissions into the Shared and Integrated Education Inquiry

Read them at these links:

Drumragh IC Submission into Shared and Integrated Education Inquiry

Forge IPS Submission into Shared and Integrated Education Inquiry

Hazelwood IC Submission into Shared and Integrated Education Inquiry

Tor Bank Submission into Shared and Integrated Education Inquiry


The Committee for Education undertook an Inquiry into Shared and Integrated Education.

Following submissions, the Education Committee will:

  • Review the nature and definition of Shared Education and Integrated Education as it applies across all  educational  phases  –  including  consideration  of  the  need  for  a  formal  statutory definition and an obligation in statute to facilitate and encourage Shared Education;
  • Identify the key barriers and enablers for Shared Education and Integrated Education;
  • Identify  and  analyse  alternative  approaches  and  models  of  good  practice  in  other jurisdictions in terms of policy interventions and programmes;
  • Consider  what  priorities  and  actions  need  to  be  taken  to  improve  sharing  and integration  –  including the effectiveness of the relevant parts of the CRED policy; the need to engage more effectively with parents/carers; and the role of Special Schools; and
  • Report to the Assembly on its findings and recommendations by Spring 2015.