NICIE Annual Report 2012-2013

A copy of the NICIE Annual Report 2012-2013 is available here:

NICIE Annual Report 2012-13 web

NICIE Strategic Plan 2013 – 2016

Please see the NICIE Strategic Plan via the link below

NICIE Strategic Plan 2013 – 2016

Response from NICIE to the Education Bill

Response from the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education to the Education Bill, December 2012

Briefing on the Education Bill: Integrated Sector

A copy of the official Hansard report on the Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Education’s Education Bill: Integrated Sector Briefing on 5 December, 2012.

On 9th December NICIE presented to the Education Committee. In a joint submission with IEF, they outlined their deep reservations with the bill in its present form. A copy of the official Hansard report of  NICIE’s presentation  can be found here

NICIE’s alternative proposals to area based planning

A document setting out NICIE’s alternative proposals in relation to area based planning.

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