McGlynn Publications


Publications of Dr. Claire McGlynn, School of Education, Queen’s University, Belfast

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Association of Principal Teachers in Integrated Schools (APTIS) Response


APTIS response for the School Improvement Policy consultation – Every School a Good School.

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Integrated Education, Intergroup Relations and Political Identities in Northern Ireland: Results from a Recent Study


New education research, undertaken by Bernadette C. Hayes, Ian McAllister and Lizanne Dowds, looks at the role of education in achieving social change and possibly alleviating racial and ethnic divisions and reducing prejudice.

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The Potential for Integrated Schools to Provide a Model of Inclusive Practice


The Brian Simon Educational Research Fellowship 2007. Research Report for the British Educational Research Association (BERA). Lesley Abbott, University of Ulster.

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Growth of Integrated Schools to 2007


Graph showing growth of IE in Northern Ireland

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