Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty is a theatre company made up of students from several Integrated Colleges. It was created in 2010 by Andrea Grimason, a teacher, writer and director whose work with her students inspired them to form the group.

Each year the Nitty Gritty company work together to create and perform an original play. Their goal is to create new and exciting theatre that tackles important issues through drama. They’ve performed at the Crescent Arts Centre, the Lyric Theatre and other theatres in Belfast. In the future, they hope to tour schools.

Past Plays

In 2010, the group created a play called Delicates, which looked at identity and what it’s like being part of youth culture today. In 2011, they produced another original play called Lessons in Life. This one was about families, different generations and how well our current education system prepares young people for life and work in the 21st century.  Both plays were supported by grants through the Carson Awards Programme, administered through the Integrated Education Fund and funded by Frank Carson’s family.

How to Get Involved

Nitty Gritty is open to all GCSE and A-Level students in our 21 post-primary Integrated Schools. By taking part, you’ll:

  • learn new skills;
  • gather experience through the planning and performing of a production;
  • experience working with people from different backgrounds;
  • make new friends; and
  • display your creativity.

There are lots of roles to choose from, you can choose to act or if you’d rather be off-stage, you can be part of the Artistic Team instead. You can be a costume designer, photographer, assistant director or digital arts designer.  A mentor will support and guide your through the design process.

No experience is necessary. You just need to be able to meet fortnightly on Sunday afternoons for rehearsals. The season runs from the end of October to March.

The Artistic Team & Coursework

Joining the Artistic Team can also be a great way to produce coursework for your GCE A -Level Art and Design and Performing Arts portfolios. It also gives you a great experience to talk about at university interviews.

To find out more about Nitty Gritty or to get an application form, email Adam Henshaw at or via this link. Applications are due by mid-October each year, but the group will sometimes accept latecomers, so get in touch!