Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation

If you’d like to offer Peer Mediation which is a type of restorative practice in your school, we at NICIE can help. Our Peer Mediation Training for primary schools shows staff how to train their Year 6 pupils to be peer mediators to their fellow pupils from the P4 class upwards.

The 8 week programme that school staff can then deliver to their Year 6 pupils can be used to support their delivery of Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU) as well as other components of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Pupil Training

The pupil portion of the training programme uses interactive methodologies and cooperative learning techniques to prepare the pupils for their new roles. Activities include games, role-plays and group discussions.

Not only does our programme develop the young mediators’ self-esteem, but it also develops their investigative, listening and diplomacy skills. During their sessions with school staff, they learn about accountability and how to act responsibly in relation to others. They reflect on their own experiences and learn to listen to accounts of conflicts objectively. They also explore ways to deal with situations to everyone’s satisfaction. By drawing on their real-life experiences and posing realistic scenarios, the training programme keeps the pupils’ attention and encourages participation.

Plans for Expansion

We hope to develop a training programme for college staff and students soon. Our goal is enable Year 13 students to become Peer Mediators for their school’s students.

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