International Integrated Education Week

 Stormont MLAS at Drumragh Integrated College Drumragh and MLAS

As part of their enquiry into integrated and shared education, Stormont’s Education Committee recently left its usual home and instead held its meeting at Drumragh Integrated College. During the meeting two presentations were given, one by the Speedwell Trust and the other by members of Drumragh. The main purpose of Drumragh’s session was to present the views of young people, so the key speakers were Caen Fahy, Drumragh’s Head Boy, Cara Monaghan, Drumragh’s Head Girl, and Zara Hemphill, who is already developing her political career. All three spoke brilliantly about their experiences of integrated education and the positive impact of it on them as well-rounded young people. They also highlighted the importance of integration for the communities we live in and our need to move forward as a society. Their presentation was followed by questions and discussion with the MLAs who were present, and who were very impressed by the students who had spoken with them.

Commenting on the event, Principal Nigel Frith offers these thoughts; ‘It is impressive that MLAs are willing to engage with young people over an issue that so clearly affects them and upon which they are experts. The benefits and importance of integrated education were clearly highlighted to the Education Committee, and I am extremely proud of those who took part. If the progress of our society rests with young people such as these, then the future looks bright for all of us.’