Excellence In Integrated Education – EIEA

Excellence in Integrated Education Award

The Excellence in Integrated Education Award (EIEA) came about as a result of the question ‘What makes a good integrated school?’ The first two schools to be awarded the EIEA were in 2010 and since them there have been five other schools who have also achieved the award. The EIEA is an auditing tool which allows schools to look at where they are in terms of their integrated ethos and how the school is fulfilling the NICIE Statement of Principles.

Based on the results of the self-evaluation, schools may decide they are ready to apply for the award or that they need to address some gaps.

We’ve based the audit tool on the ‘Together Towards Improvement’ document from Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) and linked  it to the School Development plan to give it a familiar structure and make it easy to use.

Previous Winners Of The Award


Round Tower Integrated Primary, Antrim

Drumragh Integrated College, Omagh


Hazelwood Integrated Primary, Newtownabbey

Hazelwood Integrated College, Newtownabbey

Braidside Integrated Primary, Ballymena


Enniskillen Integrated Primary School


Oakgrove Integrated Primary And Nursery School, Londonderry


Portadown Integrated Primary And Nursery School