Patrick Kielty Stands Up for Integrated Education

The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE) is delighted to announce Patrick Kielty as its newest patron and supporter of Integrated Education.

Earlier this year, Patrick authored a landmark documentary for BBC1, ‘My Dad, The Peace Deal and Me’, which explored the legacy of Northern Ireland’s peace deal, 20 years on.  The documentary was met with both audience and critical acclaim.

Commenting on his support for Integrated Education, Patrick said “I’m delighted to offer my support for Integrated Education. If we want to change the future we need to start with our kids, letting them discover what they have in common. When I visited Shimna Integrated College earlier this year it was great to see young people with opposing political opinions freely expressing themselves as friends. We’re one society made up from different backgrounds, not two communities. Let’s celebrate it and move forward together”

Earlier this year, Carl Frampton MBE, Connor Phillips and Holly Hamilton stepped forward to become patrons of NICIE and Integrated Education.  Patrick, Carl, Connor and Holly are now among an impressive list of celebrity patrons and supporters of Integrated Education which includes Liam Neeson and Sir Kenneth Branagh,

Commenting on Patrick’s support, NICIE Chief Executive Officer, Roisin Marshall said, “I am so excited to have Patrick join us as a patron of NICIE.  We are extremely grateful to him for supporting the cause of Integrated Education.  It is a great honour and endorses the work that we do in aiming to create a better future for our children by ensuring that as many Catholic, Protestant and other families as possible can avail of Integrated Education. All of those working in Integrated Education are passionate about educating children from different communities together in one school and work hard to ensure that we do all they do all they can to meet parental demand for Integrated Education.”