Glengormley IPS launches new Erasmus+ Projects with European Partners!

In September 2019, the forward-looking, inclusive, international school, Glengormley Integrated Primary secured extensive funding from the European Commission supported by the British Council for not one, but two new Erasmus+ projects commencing in September 2019!

These projects are aimed at pupils and teachers collaborating together and working towards shared goals and objectives across 2019-2021. The big bonus is the opportunity to visit their partner schools overseas at various intervals throughout the projects period.

The first project entitled “Nature as Teacher” is a staff collaboration between Glengormley Integrated Primary and partner schools in Estonia, Norway, Turkey and Spain. The first mobility took place in early November to Antalya, Turkey and 3 of our teachers travelled there to see some best practice in action, learning from the outdoors with infants and pre-school children. The teachers who attended came back with many ideas and plans of how to take this most important aspect of outdoor discovery learning to life in their own school backyard in Glengormley. They have already begun to implement some of these ideas and have many more plans for the New Year and onwards into 2020-21, when
they will also get the opportunity to visit Spain, Norway and Estonia.

The second project focusses the schools’ attention on improved physical health and fitness, the environment and it involves teachers and pupils from the upper Key Stage 2 classes of Primary 5-7 and is called “Bike2School.” The first mobility in late November 2019 involved 3 teachers going off to Odense in Denmark to learn all about how the introduction of cycling has changed the hearts and minds of Danish people living in this beautiful city and the greater impact this lifestyle has on the country of Denmark. The teachers quickly learned how cycling is a way of life in Odense, and realised how important it is in the development of the child, particularly whilst at school-age. Again, the teachers have returned back to Glengormley and have plans and ideas they wish to take forward across the duration of the project to improve not only the lives of children and families in the school, but also hoping to impact on the wider community. P7 pupils will get the opportunity to participate in mobility also through this project and successful applicants will travel to partner schools in Croatia and Hungary between 2020 and 2021 to participate in activities and programmes all designed to encourage and develop an improved cycling culture. Of course this will also be an amazing opportunity to learn of the geography, history, language and traditions of these European countries they get to visit!

Both of these projects will culminate in the summer term of 2021 when staff from the partner schools will all come to visit Glengormley and the surrounding areas when Glengormley Integrated pupils and staff will host and share all the best things that Northern Ireland, Newtownabbey and Glengormley have to offer. We are already planning for an amazing experience for our international guests!

The school will promote and share these exciting international experiences through their social media presence in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Just search #glengormleyips to learn more.