Department of Education advice and guidance

COVID -19 advice and guidance from the Department of Education and other bodies.

Update from 6th January 2021

Education Minister Peter Weir MLA, through the Education Restart Programme, has released updated guidance for schools today. This has been sent on by the Department of Education to all schools and educational settings, and can also be viewed at this link.

We will continue to update this page with relevant information as and when we receive it from the Department of Education, but please note the “updated” date at the top of the page. Any communication from the Department of Education on the ongoing situation should be consulted in the first instance.

You can also find all updates from the department of education here: 

In regards to training events through NICIE, conferences etc, we will update the relevant pages on our website and post notification via social media as well as notify attendees via email and/or phone where possible. If you are unsure about a course or meeting please contact us.


Update from 4th January 2021

The Department of Education announced changes to schools’ reopening for January 2021 on the 31 December 2020. You can view the full details here:

In addition to this, additional guidance was sent to all schools on the 3rd January 2021 regarding exams due to take place in January. You can view the letter here.

***Please also note that previous updates, including links to letters from the Minister for Education, information from the Department of Education and information from the Education Authority can be found at this page***