Glengormley IPS Fund Raising!

Glengormley Integrated Primary School have just raised £2250 for NSPCC through a virtual colour run over the last week! 

What an amazing feat! Everyone at NICIE are thrilled by the effort, as we are sure NSPCC are as well! Congratulations from us!

Their amazing staff and principal sent on the below:

“As part of remote learning, children are participating in PE challenges. Our school community Colour Run had been cancelled but in the spirit of this children were asked to try to run / walk or cycle a distance of 5KM over a two week period. They were asked to wear something bright as we would have

 during our original planned running event. Instead of raising money for school funds, money would be raised for the NSPCC who needed donations to help support children at home during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Our children, families and staff showed overwhelming engagement with the task and the school total was counted as 1354.89KM. The amount raised for the NSPCC on the last day of the run was £2250.

1 child took on the NSPCC Run 30 challenge alongside the school run, other children ran / walked and scooted in fancy dress, others took their younger siblings through the woods and by the sea on their daily exercise. Staff promoted the event and encouraged children, keeping a log of their distances throughout the two week period.

We are thrilled with the children’s response to the challenge and the good citizens they are growing to be.”