NICIE and Glengormley HS deliver online lecture for University of San Diego on Transformation and Integrated Education

Ricky Massey, Principal and Alix Jackson, Senior Teacher at Glengormley HS joined Denise Morgan from NICIE to record an online lecture for students at the University of San Diego.  The university staff, Professor Lea Hubbard and Dean Linda Dews would normally be in Belfast at this time every year with their students. The studies involved in their course is based on examining education systems in post-conflict environments. The university has been working with NICIE over the past six years and on this occasion the work has involved creating a bank of online lectures for sharing with students.

During the lecture, Ricky, Alix and Denise shared knowledge and experience of learning, teaching and educational experiences in Northern Ireland more generally in addition to hearing more about the transformation process and the journey towards seeking integrated status for Glengormley High School.

Speaking about the experience of connecting with the University during this period of lockdown in both NI and the US, Ricky Massey Principal of Glengormley High School said, “It was great to be able to engage with students in San Diego to share our experiences of working with NICIE, exploring integrated education and the transformation that we’re currently working on with our school community.

Professor Lea Hubbard and Dean Linda Dews from the University of San Diego highlighted how much they appreciated liaising with NICIE and Glengormley High School.  Commenting on this Lea said “I am particularly thankful to Denise from NICIE for setting up the opportunity for engagement with staff from Glengormley High School as this has been such a rich experience for our students.  Having visited schools in Northern Ireland over the past few years, it’s very exciting for us to hear more about how schools engage with NICIE in the transformation process to become integrated as well as learning more about the education system in Northern Ireland.  We look forward eagerly to visiting NICIE and schools next year.”

Next week, Denise Morgan from NICIE will be joining the professors at the University to deliver a live online lecture and Q&A session on Integrated Education for the 25 students participating in this element of their studies.