Patricia Murtagh

NICIE offers a huge ‘thank you’ to Patricia Murtagh

Ljuljjeta Goranci Brkic, Sarajevo, principal of Hazelwood IPS Patricia Murtagh and Ivana Milas, Croatia

Last week Hazelwood IPS said a fond farewell to their Principal Patricia Murtagh.  Patricia has already received many well deserved tributes for her work over the past 35 years.  At NICIE we know only too well the hard work and determination that Patricia has demonstrated during her career in Integrated Education. 

It is not only Hazelwood IPS who have benefited from her drive and commitment to making Northern Ireland a more peaceful community.  Patricia is highly respected by her fellow Principals in the Association of Principal Teachers in Integrated Schools (APTIS) who value her guidance and advice.

 She was always the first to lift the phone to a new principal to offer them support.  She welcomed Principals from schools who were going through the Transformation process into her school to get a sense of what Integration in practice looks and feels like.  She always offered help and advice to NICIE when we wanted a Principal’s viewpoint on something. 

When asked to host various visitor groups, she always offered a warm welcome.  We will miss Patricia’s leadership immensely – to say she was an inspirational Principal and person is by no means an overstatement.  We wish her well in this next phase of her life and know she won’t be a stranger to NICIE and the wider Integrated Education movement.

(L-R) Zvi Bekerman Israel, principal of Hazelwood IPS Patricia Murtagh and Michalinos Zemeylas, Cyprus