Parkhall Integrated College Poetry Competition

Parkhall Integrated College ran a poetry competition on the theme of “What Does Integration Mean” for Integrated Education Month 2021.

We think the the three below are brilliant, but you will need to judge for yourself (and we are sure – agree as well!). Just a small snippet of the great work by these students but do click on the links for the full poems.

1st Place – Clarke

What does Integration mean to me?

There are many different characters, who go to school each day,
Everyone is equal, all should be treated the same way!

Don’t judge by personality, or by colour of their skin,
Everyone is special, many talents hide within!

Read the full poem here

3rd Place – Emma

What does Integration Mean to You?

It is time for our nation,
To say no to segregation

The younger generation,
Want combined education.
We need to end isolation
And encourage participation.

Read the full poem here


What Integration Means to Me

If I could feel integration it would feel like a fluffy, feathered pillow, soft and sweet.

If I could taste integration, it would taste like melted cheese, toasted in the grill, a mouth-watering taste.

Read the full poem here