Call for Tenders.

Call for Tenders:
Communication and Public Relations for the 40th Anniversary of Integrated Education
Led by the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education

The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education is seeking to appoint a suitable agency to support communication and public relations activity relating to the 40th Anniversary of Integrated Education.

September 2021 will mark 40 years since the founding of the first Integrated School, Lagan College who opened their doors in September 1981 with 28 children in temporary premises. By September 2021 there will be 68 Integrated schools enrolling approximately 25,000 children. Across 40 years, we have seen pupil growth of approximately 89,000% with every school either opened by groups of parents or Transformed to Integrated status through parental ballot. Integrated Education is a story about hope in the face of separation and that by intentionally bringing people together we could deliver a quality education and contribute to peace and reconciliation. The Council for Integrated Education believe this an accomplishment worth celebrating.

As part of a movement wide Steering group, the Council for Integrated Education are playing the lead coordination role in promoting the 40th anniversary, which will run throughout the 21/22 academic year (September 21 -June 22). We have secured funding from the Irish Department for Foreign Affairs’ ‘Reconciliation Fund’ which will financially support a number of events and initiatives. Through resource creation, events and promotional activities, the Anniversary will enable Integrated Education to be celebrated and learned from, as well as promoting reconciliation across our education system and society at large.

The Council for Integrated Education are seeking to engage the services of a professional PR & Communications agency to ensure that the Anniversary year reaches as far ranging an audience as possible. We want to maximise on the growing public debate and interest in Integrated Education utilising a multi-media approach.

For more information please contact us via to request the full pack.