Bangor Central Nursery School transforms to integrated status

The Education Minister Michelle McIlveen has approved a development proposal that will enable Bangor Central Nursery School to Transform to Integrated status, effective from the start of the next school year.

Parents voted overwhelmingly in support of the significant change  in a ballot in 2018, with 97% in favour of the move, beginning the process of Transformation under the previous principal Mrs Millie Williams.

Tina Merron, Chief Executive  of the Integrated Education Fund welcomed the move:

“The successful Transformation of Bangor Central Nursery school is fantastic news for the parents, teachers and governors who have worked so hard to get this process across the finishing line.

Demand for places in Integrated schools is higher than ever and it’s important to be able to give this choice to parents at all levels. It’s been a great year for Transformations and we look forward to working with more schools and parents to enable an Integrated place for any child that wants one. ”

Roisin Marshall Chief Executive of NICIE said:

“This is a big achievement for Bangor Central Nursery School as they become only the second freestanding Integrated Nursery School. We offer warm congratulations to the whole school community who worked on this proposal as well as dealing with the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alongside Bangor Central Integrated Primary School, there is now more choice for parents in the Bangor area who want their children to have an Integrated Education across nursery and primary school.”

Pamela Algie, principal of Bangor Central Nursery School:

“Bangor Central Nursery School has always been an inclusive school where all communities, cultures and backgrounds are welcomed and celebrated. The natural next step for the school was to seek to formally integrate through the Transformation process”

“In everything we do as a school, we put the children and families first. As an Integrated Nursery School we are formalising our ethos that everyone in the community is valued in our school and that learning together in an inclusive environment, even from this young age, is what is best for the children in our care.”