Integrated Education Month 2019 Guidance Material

Integrated Education Month 2019

Theme: Perspectives

Welcome to the 2019 guidance materials for Integrated Education Month 2019. We hope that you will celebrate this important time with us as we pay due respect to our sector whilst promoting the importance and the ethos of Integration.

This year, we have chosen the theme of, ‘Perspectives’. We encourage the notion of looking beyond our own perspective as we endeavour to, ‘Stop and Look Again’. Due to the success of last year’s Integrated Education Month, we have decided to keep this format and hope that your school enjoys and even enhances the ideas presented. Our four focuses address perspectives of students, family, staff and community. You’ll notice that there are myriad ideas in the student section – as teachers, we couldn’t help ourselves! However, please prioritise as appropriate for your school. Our aim is to epitomise our raison d’être, the core principles of Integrated Education.

With that in mind, perhaps you wish to highlight Integration throughout the month by choosing one focus each week or a little from each according to what is planned in your school in different departments or year groups. It is also possible to simply concentrate all of your activity into one week.  Make it work for your school community, but please let us know how it goes with photos and anecdotes to Please remember to link where you can: #perspectives    #stopandlookagain  #integratededucation      #IEM19

So, on with the perspectives theme and we sincerely hope you enjoy participating in Integrated Education Month 2019.

Warmest Wishes

NICIE Teachers Committee

Please click on this link NICIE Perspectives A4 Spreads for full Guidance information.

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