Mid-Down FAQ

Mid Down Integrated College Initiative: Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

The Steering Group for Mid Down Integrated College (this is a working title), whose members are mostly  parents of young children and who subscribe to the ethos of Integrated Education, are working alongside the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE) to seek to secure funding for a new Post Primary school in the geographical area of Mid Down. The following questions and answers are intended to address some of the many queries  which the Steering Group members have been asked, as they seek to raise awareness of this exciting project.

Q: What will the school be called?
For the moment we are using the working title of Mid Down Integrated College, to give an indication of the general area in which the school will be located. At a later stage a name will be decided upon by the Steering Group and the new parents.

Q Where will it be located?
The Steering Group would be hopeful that the site location would be along or just off the main arterial route (A5) which extends from Carryduff to Crossgar.  The precise location will be decided in conjunction with the Department of Education, taking into account where there is most interest.

Q: What age of children will the school cater for?
The school will cater for children in the 11-18 age range, including a 6th form.

Q: What type of school will it be?
The school will cater for children of all abilities, from those who will progress through to University / College to those who need additional support.

Q: Will Blackwater Integrated College be part of this school?
Yes, the intention is to provide a new school with a new name to which Blackwater pupils will transfer if they so desire. It is intended to start a 6th form as soon as possible.

Q: Who will it be for?
All primary 7 pupils from surrounding primary schools who will transfer in the year that the school commences. As it is planned that the school will have a 6th form as soon as possible, the group would also welcome expressions of interest forms from year 12 pupils. 

Q: When will the school start?
We are targeting September 2023 for approval from the Department of Education or as soon as possible thereafter.

Q: My child doesn’t attend an Integrated primary school, will they be disadvantaged?
No, the school will seek to recruit children from all contexts and schools with a balance across the main traditions of Protestant and Catholic background and a very significant proportion for those who subscribe to other faiths and traditions or who prefer not to subscribe to any of the above.

Q: Will the school study Religious Education?
Yes,  Religious Education will be delivered in a similar way to other schools  but with a significant emphasis on inclusivity.