NICIE Launch International Directory of Jointly Managed Schools

NICIE Launch International Directory of Jointly Managed Schools

NICIE are hosting a special online event to launch the 2021 edition of the “International Directory of Joint Protestant-Roman Catholic Schools, Colleges and Universities”. The launch will be held on Thursday 23 September from 7pm via Zoom.

The Directory lists 45 Jointly Managed Schools internationally. It provides an illustrated description, history, experience and contact details of each school. England has 32 joint Protestant-Catholic schools and colleges; Australia has 8; USA 2; and there is one each in Belize, Wales and the Republic of Ireland. Most of these schools have been opened in the last half century, largely since the early 1970s.  

The event forms part of the Council for Integrated Education’s contribution to Good Relations Week 2021 and the ongoing celebrations marking the 40th Anniversary of Integrated Education.

The event will be hosted by NICIE CEO Roisin Marshall and will include:

  • A foreword to the Directory by Rev Robert Herron
  • An overview of the Directory by Editor Colm Cavanagh
  • Input from Mrs Lissa Oldcorn, Principal of Holy Trinity School, Barnsley, on the practical experience of a Jointly Managed School.
  • A reflection on the opportunities for Jointly Managed Schools to contribute to reconciliation locally by Dr Michael Wardlow, former CEO of NICIE and former Chief Equality Commissioner.
  • Space for questions and answers with speakers facilitated by Roisin Marshall and NICIE Senior Development Officer, Cliodhna Scott-Wills.

The event is open to all, but requires registration via

The Directory will be available to download from this page after the event.

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