Choose Integrated

As we enter the school admissions period for 2022, we’re asking parents, carers, children and young people to join over 25,000 pupils across Northern Ireland who have already chosen an Integrated Education. 

We know you’ll have many great schools to choose from and here are 5 aspects of Integrated Education we think are really important 

We’re People-led 

We’re a people-led movement believing in and building peaceful social change through Integrated Education. Every Integrated school was formed or Transformed by parents. Parental involvement continues to be a cornerstone of Integrated Education.  

We’re Intentional about Inclusion 

We support students, parents, staff and governors to intentionally build inclusive communities, celebrating our distinctive local and increasingly global cultural mix.  

We’re Student Centred 

We value that students are at the centre of how Integrated schools work, within a caring environment where they feel involved, valued and respected.  

We’re Aspirational  

We believe students can achieve in all-ability settings and develop a love for learning with dedicated teachers helping them find their unique path. 

We’re committed to fairness 

We promote an anti-bias approach that challenges and informs the way we do school – through the curriculum, in the classroom and across the community.  

Integrated Education enables us all to learn together for a shared society. With health restrictions still in place, not all schools will be able to invite you to an open night, so please check out their websites and social media presence too.  

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Key dates for admissions to pre-school, primary and post primary admissions for 2022/23 as released by the Education Authority.