Integration Works – Guidance for Parents

There is wide support for Integrated Education among parents and this short guide to Integrated Education will help parents understand how to begin the steps of making their school an integrated school.

This guide was written by experts at the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE).  It complements the Integration Works guidance for schools that was published by the Department of Education and demonstrates the key role parents play in the process of transformation to integrated status.

Practical Guidance is offered on:
• What is Integrated Education?
• Why Consider the Integrated Option for Your School?
• What is Transformation?
• What Happens Next?
• Who Decides if the School Can Transform?

You can download the leaflet here or for further information contact NICIE on (028) 9097 2910 or at

You can also download the Department of Education Guide Integration Works – Transforming your School here.