Great Integrated Bakeoff

As part of the 40th Anniversary of Integrated Education celebrations, NICIE would like to warmly invite ALL Integrated schools to take part in the Great Integrated Bake Off throughout March, 2022.  

March has traditionally been marked as Integrated Education Month and many schools embrace this time as an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on their Integrated ethos. This year, to mark the milestone anniversary we have decided to encourage a more “hands on” approach…  

The brief for #GIBO is outlined below: 

We invite you to design and bake (or make) a delightful dish which celebrates and reflects on the Integrated ethos of your school. This could be anything – a colourful cake, a technical pastry, an ambitious bread, or delicious dessert. 

In the #GIBO information booklet, you will find detailed guidance outlining how to get involved by sharing online, along with some hints and tips for adapting this project to the unique circumstances of your school. Nursery, primary and post primary schools are all encouraged to take part in whatever way works best.  

To promote some healthy competition across the school community, each school should select one winner for each phase represented: 

  • Early Years / Nursery
  • Primary (schools with nursery units can select TWO winners, one for nursery and one for primary).
  • Post Primary

 Your school can take part in The Great Integrated Bake Off at any time from March 1st – 31st, 2022 and the scale at which you run #GIBO is up to you, based on what is realistic. Please refer to the guidance booklet downloadable here for more information on how to get involved by sharing your activity online.  

If you need any further support, please get in touch using the dedicated email address: – You can also send your final entries here, before the closing date (Monday 4th April, 2022).   

Good luck!