Anti-Bias in Education

The pioneers of Integrated Education in the 1980s and 90s knew that bringing people together was one thing…. but the other thing was this: how on earth should we ‘do’ Integrated Education? In tackling this problem, they drafted the first version of an anti-bias approach for those working in Integrated schools. Since then, NICIE has developed and promoted Anti-Bias in Education to support teachers in Integrated schools.

In 2021, NICIE published:

‘Bias Busting for Beginners – An Introduction to Anti-Bias in Education’

Bias Busting for Beginners has links to over 140 resources to support teachers to learn about anti-bias approaches and how they can be used in school.

This publication draws on previous NICIE publications and the work of Louise Derman-Sparks and colleagues: their 2020 publication is recommended reading.

For additional resources connected to the Bias Busting for Beginners course, please click here.

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In 2014, NICIE published ‘ABC: Promoting an Anti-Bias Approach to Education in Northern Ireland