Excellence in Integrated Education – EIEA

It is important that every integrated school not only plans for developing and strengthening their integrated ethos but also engages in a process of monitoring and evaluation. The evaluation process can be supported through ‘The Excellence in Integrated Education Award (EIEA)’ which provides insight into the essential elements of a good integrated school. The first two schools were awarded the EIEA in 2010 and several other schools have completed the EIEA process since then and achieved the award.

Many integrated schools appreciate the value of the EIEA as an auditing tool which enables them to benchmark their progress in embedding the integrated ethos and provides a steer on how the school can fulfil the NICIE Statement of Principles. Schools should find the process useful as the audit tool has been influenced by the ‘Together Towards Improvement’ document from Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) and linked to the School Development plan in order to provide a familiar, appropriate structure.

You can access the toolkit for Integrated Primary Schools here and the toolkit for Integrated Post-Primary Schools here.

Based on the outcome of the EIEA self-evaluation process, schools may decide to either apply for the award or to address areas for development of their ethos. This may result in the school seeking bespoke training from NICIE or engaging in some of NICIE’s training programmes, ranging from NICIE’s anti-bias training for teachers to roles and responsibilities training for governors. Any school wishing to explore the content of the EIEA auditing tool should contact NICIE for further information by emailing admin@nicie.org.uk or ringing 028 9097 2910