NICIE Online Training Programme Spring/Summer 2022

NICIE Online Training Programme 2022

We have curated a series of training courses for a wide audience from Integrated Schools for Spring/Summer 2022. Please see the table below for information. All training will be delivered online via Zoom. Once registered details will be sent to attendees at least 24 hours in advance.

Staff New to Integrated Education
For staff new to Integrated Education within the last two years

Wednesday 2nd March, all day via Zoom

This session gives teachers (and other staff) who are new to Integrated Education (in the past two years) a chance to engage with other teachers who are new to an Integrated school. It allows them to discuss the Integrated ethos and to share good practice. The course also gives attendees an introduction to Anti-Bias in Education approaches.
Please note – Sub-cover will be paid up to the value £165 per teacher. Sub-cover places are limited to 25 attendees overall and to two teachers per school. We are happy for more than two teachers from a school to attend but the NICIE sub cover can only be applied to two teachers, any more than that will need to be covered by the school.
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Governance Seminar
For Principals, Governors at GMI Schools and BursarsWednesday 23rd March, 4:30pm to 6:30pm via Zoom
This annual seminar is an opportunity for Governors to connect with NICIE and each other. This year’s programme will include results from a COVID legacy survey and a GMI representation survey. We will also update you, as much as possible on the Integrated Education Bill, the Independent Review of Integration and information on the GMI Consultative Forum which has been recently formed. We will share an updated template of the Memorandum and Articles of Understanding for GMIs, a list of policies all schools should have, the NICIE Strategic plan and the ongoing 40th Anniversary celebrations.Register Here
Bias Busting for Beginners – An Introduction to Anti-Bias in Education
For the whole school community: Staff, Parents, Governors 

Thursday 24th March, 7pm – 9pm via Zoom
This participative workshop will introduce the principles, rationale and practice of Anti-Bias in Education. Anti-bias practice is an intentional and activist approach to inclusion and equality, which NICIE has promoted within Integrated Education for over 20 years. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on bias and its impact and encouraged to engage with NICIE’s 2021 publication ‘Bias Busting for Beginners’.
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Integrated Governor Forum
For Governors 

Wednesday 6th April, 7pm – 8:30pm via Zoom
This Forum is a new concept and it is hoped we will be able to offer it at least twice a year. The setting is informal and will be structured with a short input followed by discussion. For this initial session we will discuss the Independent Review of Education and share with you the NICIE Strategic Plan. We want to ensure it is relevant and we will take this opportunity to draw up a list of topics that Governors would like to explore further.
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Roles and Responsibilities
For GMI school governors

This training is run over two sessions.

Wednesday 18th May & Thursday 26th May, 7.00pm- 9.00pm via Zoom
The Roles and Responsibilities of Governors in GMIs has aspects that are different to those in other schools.  Good Governance is important across all school types but there are some extra elements of being a Governor in a GMI that are important to draw attention to. This session will look at your Governing documents, explore expectations and roles of Governors and Principals and examine Case Studies.Register Here

Parents Council Training
For Principals, Governors, ParentsThursday 16th June, 7pm-9pm via Zoom
The role of the Parents Council is a foundation stone of the Integrated School.  Integrated schools exist by the will of parents to have their children educated together in an environment that welcomes them and acknowledges their background.  This session will explore the role of the Parent’s Council and how it can contribute to the school’s Integrated ethos.
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Induction presentation for Governors new to Integrated Education

In partnership with the EA, NICIE produced training for Governors new to Integrated Education.  You can find this module on the Governor Portal of the EA website by following the link below:

Your school will have already received information regarding access codes and you can check with them if you need further information as to how to access this module as well as other EA courses.   


All of the above sessions can also be tailored for your individual school.

Contact us to discuss in-person and/or other bespoke sessions to meet the needs of your school.

Examples of other types of sessions might include:

  • Whole school ethos development -Excellence in Integrated Education award
  • Whole school Bias Busting for Beginners – Embedding Anti-Bias in Education in your school
  • Peer Mediation – Training teachers to support young people to act as mediators in school
  • Religious Education in the Integrated school
  • Visioning for Recruitment – opportunity for Governors to consider the desirable qualities of their new school leader

Please direct all queries to