The Big Small Stories Book: ‘There Were No Desks’

This collection of stories is intended to capture some of the history, memories and experiences of the people behind the foundation and development of integrated schools in NI.

An oral history: collecting voices
For this book, interviewees were purposefully selected to represent different perspectives of the heritage, time frame and development of Integrated Education. After some deliberation we selected interviewees who wore more than one hat! Whilst 24 stories cannot represent the depth and breadth of contributions made in the development of Integrated Education, we hope you agree that they provide an interesting collection of perspectives.

The stories that follow are transcribed from interviews conducted by Alex De La Torre during 2017 and 2018. They were edited by The Big Small Stories editing team during 2018 and by each interviewee.  The stories are told in first person so as to keep the ‘voice’ of the interviewee.

We hope that you enjoy them.

The Big Small Stories team
Alexandra De La Torre (Coordinator October 2016 to Jan 2018)
Lynn Johnston (Coordinator Feb 2018 to November 2018)

The Big Small Stories Steering Group
Kathryn Glover
Kevin Lambe
Elaine Lennon
Tony Macaulay
Cathy McIver
Bill Rolston

There Were No Desks can be downloaded from here.