How can NICIE help?

We at NICIE can help you through the process of Transformation.

At present, there are a number of schools exploring transformation to integrated status.  In 2019, 7 schools successfully balloted parents to seek views on whether or not they would like their children’s schools to become integrated.  All ballots were positive with very high percentages voting Yes to allow the school to continue working towards changing status to become integrated.

NICIE Stormont 2016 158NICIE has guided 24 schools through transformation and helped them achieve Controlled Integrated status. We can offer advice and support to both schools and parents eager to see this change in their community. We have developed a support programme which guides potential transforming schools through the planning and implementation processes that will, over time, help the school to achieve full integration and take a different place in the community. However in time, the benefits of a successful transformation can be seen across the whole school community; pupils, parents, staff and governors and to the whole community beyond the school gates.

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More information is also available from the Department of Education

For information on Transformation for Parents, click here. For information on Transformation for Schools, click here.

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