Transformation Development in Schools

Implementation of the Transformation Development Plan

This guidance from The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE) is aimed at schools implementing their Transformation Action Plan. The object is to help schools monitor, value and increase their diversity, in order to maximise inclusion, participation and achievement for all their learners and the wider school community.

The guidance is aligned to the Department of Education’s (DE) guidance “Transformation: An Information Pack for Schools”, and particularly Section 3A “Implementation of the Transformation Development Plan” which states that the implementation of the Transformation Development Plan “is about managing a process of change in which the transforming school seeks to persuade all sections of the community that they will be afforded parity of esteem and opportunity.”

DE recognizes that “each transforming school will need to be sensitive to the realities of the local situation” and must “consider the needs and expectations of the existing school population as well as the new needs and expectations of the new intake to the newly transformed school.” However all transforming schools must address four key areas in their Transformation Action Plan: Management, Ethos, Curriculum and Public Relations.

This guidance provides schools with indicators in each of these areas so that they can baseline their current practice and plan for progress in every aspect of the school’s life and work. NICIE will use these indicators to report twice yearly to DE on progress in the transformation process.

The indicators are centred upon the following principles:
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Equality and Social Justice
• Participation and Achievement
• Faith and Values
and they have been informed by:
1. The NICIE Statement of Principles
2. The Indicators for the NICIE Excellence in Integrated Education Award
3. The NI Curriculum
4. DE Guidelines for Community Relations Equality and Diversity in Education (CRED)
5. Together Towards Improvement : The Education and Training inspectorate (ETI)
6. Every School A Good School (ETI)
7. Developing Shared Education: A Framework for School Partnerships (ETI)
8. OFMDFM “Together Building a United Community” (TBUC)

The indicators are set out in four groups
1. Management
2. Ethos
3. Curriculum
4. Public Relations

The four groups take account of key themes within the ETI Quality Inspection Framework for schools. Beside each group of indicators there is a list of examples of possible sources of evidence. The indicators and the examples are deliberately broad so that schools have flexibility to interpret and evidence them in ways that are real and relevant to their situation.

Every transforming school has its own particular context and set of circumstances. Implementation of the Transformation Action Plan must be dealt with professionally and sensitively. It is essential to consider the needs and expectations of the existing school population as well as the new needs and expectations of the new intake to the newly transformed school. If you would like to know more about NICIE’s transformation indicators please click here.