What is Integrated Education?

Integrated Education brings children and staff from Catholic and Protestant traditions, as well as those of other beliefs, cultures and communities together in one school. For the past 40 years, in a deeply divided society, Integrated schools have been intentionally and proactively developed to encourage more mixing in schools. 

Integrated Schools ensure that children from Protestant and Catholic religious and/or cultural backgrounds, as well as others who identify differently are educated together every day in the same classrooms. 

It is important to note that Integrated schools are essentially Christian in character but proactively strive to ensure everyone’s tradition is respected and included.

Empowering adults, children and young people as thinking individuals is a priority for integrated schools so that as they grow and mature, they’ll be able to affect positive change in the shared society we live in.

Our Vision

A society where all children are

  • educated together;
  • confident to express their own identity and culture; and
  • respectful of, and prepared to engage with, the identity and culture of others.

Our Mission

To promote reconciliation in Northern Ireland through Integrated Education.

If you’d like to learn more about the core principles of Integrated Education, please read our Statement of Principles.