Fresh Start support for Integrated Education

Back in 2016 Stormont House and Fresh Start Agreement funds were allocated through the Department of Education to enable school to plan for potential new buildings or refurbishments. This has begun to benefit schools within Integrated Education who have been able to access support which will potentially lead to investment in new buildings or refurbishing existing buildings to meet increased demand for integrated education. You can read more about it here.

In November 2018 the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, confirmed the list in the above link from the Department of Education and added five more integrated colleges to it. You can read about it here.

A small amount of schools have already benefitted with new buildings, while others have work in the pipeline.

Have a look at how Omagh Integrated Primary School and Corran Integrated Primary School have benefited so far.

Drumlins Integrated Primary School has also benefitted, as highlighted in this report from the Irish News

Strangford Integrated College are also hoping to build a new campus. You can read about it here.

New-Bridge Integrated College are also hoping to build a new school, and you can read about it here

Bangor Central Integrated Primary School have also benefitted from the funding: 

This is great news for education in general, and especially for those schools within the Integrated Education family who are able to improve and expand their facilities as a result. 

We hope to bring you more good news in the future so do check back with us.